No, Donald Trump Can’t Just Move His Business To Florida

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David Cay Johnston, the renowned expert on Trump’s financial crimes, threw cold water on the many excuses MAGA fans are fantasizing will allow Trump to escape accountability from the New York charges announced yesterday. Johnston appeared on The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle Wednesday night.

EXCUSE ONE: This is nothing but a witch hunt from a Democrat party headline seeker.

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: He took the Fifth Amendment when questioned by the Attorney General’s staff more than 400 times. Eric Trump? Something around the order of 500 times. In a criminal matter, you have a right to do that, but you can question it in a civil matter, the judge may, he doesn’t have to, but may draw an adverse interest. The reason you would answer the questions is that they were damning to your case. That is going to be also a very major problem for him. Not being able to do business with banks to do any business in New York, well, that would introduce him to some small bank in Iowa.

EXCUSE TWO: Trump will just move his businesses to Florida, case closed.

STEPHANIE RUHLE: Can he just get cute? Here put the business under his other children’s names? Move it to the State of Florida? Can he do anything like that?

JOHNSTON: Any move to do that, you are going to see Letitia James in court instantly, hollering “fraudulent transfer.” And so no, he can’t do that.

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Author: Frances Langum

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